Why Delivery Options Matter When You Buy Trees

Once properly planted and established, mature trees are strong and stable additions to the commercial property or cityscape you manage.

And they add a slew of benefits to these sites. They improve soil and water conversation, store carbon, provide shade and wildlife habitats, and regulate temperature extremes.

But trees of a certain size -- 2 inch caliper or higher -- are extremely fragile and heavy when they are in their balled and burlapped state.

So when you order your trees from a respectable nursery, you want to make sure the species you need arrives in top condition.

Here are some delivery options the best nurseries offer to ensure the safety and longevity of your trees.

1. Personal Delivery

So much damage can occur to tree roots, branches, and even trunks when trees are being moved, particularly if they aren’t being moved properly. After all, trees aren’t just like heavy boxes being transported from one place to another. They have massive root balls, long and thin trunks and then leafy top structures.

Instead of outsourcing delivery to a third-party service that may not be experienced in moving products as delicate as mature trees, nurseries that truly care about the quality of their stock will offer personal delivery.

At Davey Nursery, since we take care of trees from the first moments they are planted to when they are dug and balled and burlapped, we want to finish that cycle by properly delivering trees so they arrive in perfect condition.

2. Location, Location, Location

Where do you need your trees delivered? Many times, nurseries will deliver to your office site, but there are probably times when you’d rather have those trees delivered straight to the job.

You have a job to get done, and the goal is to get that work done as quickly as possible. Let Davey Nursery deliver your trees exactly where you need them to speed up this process and help you focus on proper planting and care.

3. Customized Tree Loading and Unloading Specifications

A nursery you want to work with should cater to your needs. This includes delivering your trees where and when you need them, of course. But did you know this can also include how the truck should be loaded for maximizing efficiency during unloading.

This means that if you’re having your trees delivered to the jobsite and you know you want to plant a certain species first, those can be loaded last so they are first off of the delivery truck. Your crews can be ready to immediately plant them and move through the project without wasted downtime.

Let Davey Nursery know which trees you need and in what order you need them, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

You are busy managing large sites. We get it. When you need trees, you could use the extra support of having someone properly deliver them where and when you need them. Let our tree care experts help save you time.

Want to learn more about the quality trees the Davey Nursery provides? Contact us for information about our current inventory list.

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