Maximize Your Property Landscape Investment

Davey’s tree care experts provide the highest quality selection, installation, and long-term health of trees on your property.

Davey works with you to understand objectives and requirements for new trees—whether it’s to provide visual interest in the property or enhance a company’s brand. Our tree experts then determine the best species and planting locations for maximum impact.

After trees are installed, we provide mineral nutrition through fertilization and monitor for moisture levels, pruning needs, and overall health.

Davey’s tree experts provide the best tree care and maintenance to ensure your plants flourish long after planting.

Enhance your aesthetic and property value and increase the return on investment with Davey’s commercial tree services.

Moving & Transplanting Large Trees For Commercial Properties

Our partnership with Environmental Design, Inc. (EDI), the experts in large tree moving, allows us to plant and move large trees using patented tools and processes.

Together with EDI, we can provide exceptional service, equipment, and comprehensive aftercare for large trees.

Davey Nursery

Davey Nursery: Top Quality Backed By Science

Davey’s expertise goes beyond just grounds maintenance and tree care services. At Davey, we are committed to providing top-quality services, including wholesale tree purchasing and large tree moving.

Our highly trained staff and arborists work to nurture premium, large-caliper, and select specimen trees at the Davey Nursery. Located in Central Ohio, the Davey Nursery houses more than 90,000 trees, including nearly 100 distinct varieties of shade and ornamental trees.

The Davey Nursery is supported by a network of high-quality resources, including technology and advanced training, that guarantees the best trees.

Commercial Tree Planting Resource Videos

Commercial Property Assessment
Commercial Property Assessment

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We’re proud to offer comprehensive, expert tree care and landscape maintenance services to commercial properties like yours. Our teams of certified arborists provide outstanding service that only comes from local knowledge, and our staff is trained to help you get the most from your landscapes.

Pollinator Garden

Have Extra Space? Consider Pollinator Gardens

Hospitals, campuses, parks, and other commercial properties are perfect places to explore opportunities beyond traditional manicured turf. Pollinator gardens are a great alternative option for mixing aesthetics, sustainability, and education.

Such gardens enhance biodiversity and provide food for bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators to thrive. Not only are they beneficial to the environment, but also provide benefits to human health and wellness.

Pollinator gardens can reduce inputs from pesticides, mowing (time, expense, and emissions), and irrigation used to maintain the property while providing a beautiful space for all to enjoy.

Our experts are ready for you to take a step toward sustainability.

Certified Arborist Tree Care

Certified Arborists & An Accredited Company

Our certified tree doctors are committed to you and the health and safety of your trees. ISA Certified Arborists have taken the opportunity to further their education and apply their advanced skills to every client interaction.

Davey is also recognized as an accredited tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation represents our position as a tree service company committed to safety, expertise, and professionalism.


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