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Storms Ahead

It’s impossible to avoid landscape damage altogether, but there are ways to proactively minimize harm to valuable landscape assets, reduce risk to customers and employees, and properly address severe weather damage once it has happened. Let’s take a look at some of these.


  1. Prevention Begins with Proper Pruning. Pruning allows wind to pass more easily through a tree’s canopy, instead of pushing against it like a sail.
  2. Plant and Mulch Correctly. Overmulching or planting incorrectly can weaken a tree, leaving it vulnerable to storms.
  3. Inspect Regularly. Insects and disease can also weaken trees. Our Plant Health Care program helps to proactively address these issues.
  4. Lightning Protection Saves Heritage Trees. Consider installing lightning protection systems in your most valuable trees.


Davey creates a Storm Response Plan for every customer, to ensure safe and timely storm cleanup and optimal landscape recovery after the event. This includes:

  1. Mapping. Using Google Earth or an aerial map, highlighting high profile areas and potential safety issues facilitates quick post-storm response.
  2. Prioritizing. We proactively designate areas on the map to be cleared first, second, and third (prioritizing safety), and identify potential staging areas for debris removal.
  3. Damage Assessment. We assess trees, hardscape, and other landscape elements for safety issues or damage and make recommendations for repair or replacement.


Effective storm response demands good communication. We strive to ensure that every customer is adequately informed and prepared for storm events.

If you would like to review your storm response plan in advance of this year's storms, contact your Davey representative today!

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