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Changing Weather and How to Handle It

Changing Weather? Yes—and Here’s How to Handle It

When you’ve been in the green industry for more than 135 years, you have the rare perspective to see
exactly how environments change over time. Our arborists and horticulturalists have seen firsthand the
challenges we face in protecting our properties and green spaces as temperatures warm.
While climate change affects everyone, it’s especially relevant to property managers who wish to maintain a healthy landscape.

  • Warmer temperatures: Earth’s average temperature has risen 2˚ in the last 100 years. This is
    more significant than it sounds: the USDA has already revised their winter hardiness zones to
    reflect rising minimum winter temperatures. The demand for heat tolerant varieties is likely to
    rise as this trend continues.
  • Increased pest outbreaks: We’re already seeing a northward migration of plant and insect
    species, including landscape pests. Some insect pests are emerging earlier and completing more
    maintain a healthy landscape. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the effects of climate change we’re
    already seeing, along with landscape predictions and implications in light of these changes.
    generations per season, which boosts their population growth. Increased monitoring and
    diagnostic evaluations along with proper plant health care will help counter pest outbreaks as
    they occur.
  • Drought: Already a major concern in the west, increased drought is also predicted for much of
    our southern and central regions as well, compounded by groundwater depletion issues in many
    agricultural areas. Look for water conservation to be a continuing topic of importance
    throughout the industry.
  • More intense storms: Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and wildfires are rising
    in frequency and severity. Property managers need proactive planning and readily available
    resources to prevent and remedy erosion issues, tree damage, and wildfire.

While changing weather patterns present a number of challenges depending on region, taking a
proactive stance will help mitigate its effects on the landscape. By thinking ahead, developing effective
solutions, and taking a strategic approach to landscape maintenance, Davey is committed to achieving
top results for our clients regardless of where the climate takes us.

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