Posted: June 01, 2022

Climate change has affected the severity and frequency of summertime storms and hurricanes over the last few years. With heavier rainfall and increased chances of lightning and strong winds, trees on your property must retain their strength to avoid safety risks like broken limbs or wind damage caused by severe storms. No matter where your property is located, the safety of visitors, employees, or residents takes precedence.

By performing assessments and implementing preventative maintenance routines for the trees on your commercial property, you can do your part in avoiding disastrous damage caused by weather events. Here are a few suggestions for preventative maintenance to keep your property safe:

  • Improve the soil with proper irrigation and nutrient practices based on plant needs.
  • Increase the vitality of your trees with a slow-release, soil-injected fertilizer application.
  • Apply the appropriate insecticides to your trees to prevent pest damage, which causes trees to become weak and makes it easier for them to fail.
  • Establish routine pruning cycles as needed to make sure limbs aren’t in contact with homes, buildings, utility lines, or streetlighting. This also helps ensure that pedestrians and vehicles have the clearance to pass under trees and that you’re properly removing dead wood from trees.

For more information, watch how you can evaluate and prepare the trees on your property for the upcoming storm season.

Our commercial tree care experts know it’s better to be safe than sorry! We can help by performing property walkthroughs or site assessments and helping implement preventative maintenance routines.

Contact your local Davey office to see how you can beat these summer storm risks.

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Commercial Landscape Design

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