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Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death: Prevention is Key

Sudden Oak Death, or SOD, has caused widespread dieback of a variety of oak species throughout California and Oregon. Homeowners who notice trunk cankers, spots on leaves and shoot dieback should seek assistancefrom an ISA certified arborist to help protect their landscapes.

What is Sudden Oak Death?

Caused by a water mold known as Phytophthora ramorum, SOD can have a fatal effect on the following species:

Sudden oak Death

  • Tanoak
  • Coast live oak
  • California black oak                                                            
  • Shreve’s oak
  • Canyon live oak

It is also the culprit of twig and foliar diseases in other plants, including Coast redwood and Douglas-fir.

How does it spread?

SOD spores can disseminate via blowing rain or flowing water. They can also be on soil or items such as shoes, tires or pet’s paws. Additionally, SOD can be transported through shipments of ornamental plants.

Expert Help

Identifying symptoms may not be enough to confirm SOD is present. Laboratory confirmation by a local county agriculture department or a university extension office may be required. And while no cure exists, a preventative treatment can be applied to oaks and tanoaks.

Do you think your tree may be affected by Sudden Oak Death? Contact your local certified arborist for a free consultation

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