In this WTOP news article, Lou Meyer, business developer for Davey’s mid-Atlantic region, talks about the effects of a warmer winter on trees like cherry blossoms.  

Posted: March 03, 2023

Hardly any snow has fallen in the D.C. region this winter, and withPhoto of a cherry blossom branch temperatures getting unusually warm Thursday, some experts say the spring could be significantly less colorful than normal. 

“We look at the winter weather every year as a predictor of how our spring is going to go,” said Lou Meyer, an arborist in the D.C. area with The Davey Tree Expert Company.  

While cherry blossoms typically get the most attention during spring, there are many other flowering trees that blossom and bring spectacular colors to the region. 

If those colors start to come out too early in the winter, there may be less momentum for them to shine in the spring. 

“When we have warm winters like this year, it does some fairly unusual things to our trees and shrubs,” Meyer said. 

To read the rest of Lou’s comments, click here.  

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