Davey's commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship dates back to our founding in 1880. Company founder John Davey believed in addressing the health and maintenance of trees as a practical way to preserve our natural resources. Our integrated teams of plant, soil, and insect scientists, computer specialists, and horticulture and arboriculture researchers pioneered the methods and materials used to serve the needs of our clients across North America.

Since its inception, Davey has helped define the science of tree surgery. Our researchers at the Davey Institute registered their first 14 patents in the evolving science of tree care before 1920. Over the years, we have added lawn and landscape care to our areas of expertise as well. This commitment to innovation drives the development of new business opportunities for Davey and the next generation plant health care strategies.

Scientists at The Davey Institute also collaborate with governmental agencies, national forest services, private companies, non-profits and leading academic institutions to conduct research on the best practices to increase tree canopies of our cities and to combat invasive species, which can severely damage the tree population.

Arbor Green PRO

Practical Plant Care

Davey Institute scientists work in our industry-leading labs and diagnostic facilities to identify the materials and treatment programs to strengthen trees' and plants' natural ability to resist insects, diseases and stresses.

Researchers in Davey's laboratories developed the innovative Arbor Green tree fertilizer in 1978. The slow release formula provides nutrients to the plant over a period of two years, reducing the number of applications for our clients.

But we didn't stop there. In August of 2007, we released Arbor Green PRO® an enhanced, newly patented version to assist homeowners, municipalities, parks and businesses in nurturing and protecting their trees and landscape to enhance the value of their properties and the overall health of their communities.

Pollinator Day

Contract & Funded Research

The Institute develops leading practices, products and technologies for the tree, landscape and vegetation management sectors of our industry. These research products include biomechanical analyses, environmental modeling of ecosystem services, patented fertilizers and soil care treatments, and industry-specific software applications.

Examples of our research and expertise include:

Tree Inspection
Tree Inspection

Meet The Davey Institute Leadership Team

Our leaders represent a combination of personal expertise gained through years of practical experience in the markets we serve—from scientific discovery, to product development, to the front lines of core operations. They understand our business, its challenges, and are critical to meeting the needs of our Company through the programs we deliver.

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