The Davey Institute leads our environmental programs by developing practices based on responsible, science-based actions, advanced technical research, and sustainable business practices.

We ensure Davey’s environmental responsibilities through compliance with internal policies, applicable laws and regulations, commitment to continuous improvement, and public disclosure of our environmental, social and governance guidelines, including:

  • Responsible Pesticide Use: To determine the best way to solve the client’s problem with the lowest practical environmental impact, we have implemented a risk-based approach to balance the positive and negative environmental effects of the chemicals we use.
  • Promotion of Integrated Pest Management: An ecosystem-based strategy focusing on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties.
  • Culture of Corporate Responsibility: We incorporate sustainability practices into our business operations and report on our progress through our annual Corporate Responsibility report. We have already seen great results in reducing fuel usage and GHG emissions by implementing GPS mapping and moving to a lighter duty fleet.
  • Pollinator Protections: We identify and communicate to field operations the chemicals and processes that could be harmful to pollinators and the best practices to mitigate the risk. We also work collaboratively to research pollinator gardens and work with our clients on establishing pollinator foraging areas.
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Dedicated To Environmental Awareness, Accountability & Stewardship

We recognize that our business has environmental impact and strive to conduct operations in a manner that preserves and enhances the environment. Our environmental policies are founded on responsible, science-based actions, advanced technical research, and sustainable business practices.

Corporate Responsibility Pillars

Icon Safebusinesspractices

Safe Business Practices

Our behaviors and actions ensure that the safety of our employees and clients remain our highest priority. We foster a culture of safety by adhering to rigorous safety standards and reinforcing our safety message at every client visit, meeting and presentation.

Icon Sustainableenvironment

Sustainable Environment

We have committed ourselves to environmentally responsible practices that sustain the environment, our communities and our business. We are dedicated to environmental awareness and stewardship. Our environmental policies are founded on responsible, science-based actions.

Icon Innovativethinking

Innovative Thinking

We are leaders in leveraging our research, experience and people to address challenges facing the natural environment through product and service innovation.

Icon Engagedemployees

Engaged Employees

As an employee owned company we create an environment to fully engage our employees in their work and our purpose as a company. We invest in them as they invest in us so together we grow personally and professionally.

Corporate Responsibility

Davey Tree Corporate Responsibility Report

As an industry leader in arboriculture, horticulture and environmental services, we remain responsible stewards of our planet’s natural resources.

Meet The Davey Institute Leadership Team

Our leaders represent a combination of personal expertise gained through years of practical experience in the markets we serve—from scientific discovery, to product development, to the front lines of core operations. They understand our business, its challenges, and are critical to meeting the needs of our Company through the programs we deliver.

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