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By scanning this QR code you now have access to resources that can help you identify the plants and animals in the garden and opportunities to get involved with monarch butterfly citizen science. Enjoy the garden but please don’t remove any plants or animals from this habitat.

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What's In The Garden?

We partnered with Ohio Prairie Nursery (OPN) to create this butterfly-centric seed mix.

This mix is great for use in full sun and can tolerate dry areas, although irrigation to aid establishment is recommended.

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Immature Insects 

Key To Immature Insects Found In A Monarch Waystation

Answer Key

Did You Find All The Milkweed Insects?

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Monarch Butterfly Citizen Science Opportunities

There are many opportunities to help the monarch butterfly reach a sustainable population status. Explore these citizen science opportunities to get involved with habitat establishment, tagging to track migration, and documenting monarch parasites.

Corporate Responsibility

Pollinator Identification Guide

Here is a quick guide to common pollinators that can help you figure out what you spotted in the garden!

Tree Inspection
Tree Inspection

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