Corporate Safety Policy

Safety is the most important core value of The Davey Company and is deeply rooted within our culture.  Our dedication to safety emphasizes the fundamental respect we have for our employees, clients, the public and the environment.  No task is so important and no service so urgent that it cannot be done safely.

Prevention of incidents is an obligation which crosses all levels of rank, organization and procedure.  All Davey Management is responsible for providing an environment where our work can be carried out safely.  Rigorous adherence to the Company Safety Policies is critical to assure that employees understand, implement and enforce Company safe work practices in accordance with federal United States OSHA or Canadian OSH standards.

Freedom from harm is not a privilege but is a goal to be achieved and perpetuated day by day.  As a Company, we will provide for the safest possible conditions through advanced training, education and compliance monitoring.  We are uncompromising in requiring that every Davey employee be a participating member of the safety team and relentless in their efforts to improve safety conditions by reporting hazards, enforcing safety policies and supporting employee engagement.

A commitment to our Statement of Safety Policy and the pursuit of the elimination of injury and pain through incidents is part of every employee’s condition of employment with Davey, and is also a moral obligation we share with our Davey teammates to assure that we return home safely.

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