Off Duty Conduct Policy

Revised 02.06.2023

Davey Tree supports each employee’s right to make personal choices in their private lives outside of or away from work, including engaging in political, religious, medical, recreational, or associational activities. However, employees should be cautioned that off-duty conduct that is unlawful or, where permitted by state law, has a negative impact on the Company could result in discipline, up to and including termination.

As a result, any of the following could result in discipline up to and including termination, depending on the

  • Off-duty conduct that is unlawful or illegal in the jurisdiction in which it occurs.
  • Off-duty conduct that violates any federal, state, or local law related to discrimination, harassment, or
  • Off-duty conduct that violates any Company policy.
  • Off-duty conduct that utilizes the Company’s equipment or property without authorization.
  • Off-duty conduct that creates a material conflict of interest related to the Company’s trade secrets, proprietary information, or other proprietary or business interest.

It is the intent of the Company to abide by any state or local law that protects the rights of employees to engage in certain off-duty conduct. This policy will be enforced in compliance with any such law.

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