Environmental Policy

The Davey Tree Expert Company is dedicated to environmental awareness, accountability and stewardship. We recognize that our business has environmental impact and strive to conduct operations in a manner that preserves and enhances the environment. Our environmental policies are based on responsible, science-based actions, advanced technical research, and sustainable business practices. While working to minimize adverse environmental impact, we believe Davey can provide superior services to our customers and add value for our employee owners.

As representatives of the Company, we will practice integrity in fulfilling our environmental responsibilities through compliance with internal policies, applicable laws and regulations, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

To support our commitment to environmental responsibility, the Company will:

Preserve and Protect the Environment

We will take steps to reduce the impact of products, materials, or actions that cause adverse environmental consequences to water, soil, and air.

Conserve Energy and Natural Resources

We will work to continuously improve the efficiencies of our operations and services, including the tools and equipment we use to perform our work, to conserve non-renewable natural resources and sustainably use renewable resources.

Recycle Waste

Where possible, we will dispose of waste through source reduction and recycling. Waste will be handled and discarded through safe and responsible methods. We will explore and encourage alternative means of recycling, on-site management or energy conversion before disposing wood waste in landfills.

Reduce Risk

We will strive to minimize the adverse environmental, health and safety risks to our employees and the communities in which we operate through the use of appropriate products, technologies, facilities, equipment and operating procedures.

Promote Safe Products and Services

We will reduce and, where possible, eliminate the use of products and services that cause environmental harm or health or safety hazards to our customers, our employees and our communities. We will adhere to, and continuously improve, best management practices.

Support Environmental Stewardship

We will perform and participate in research and development that provides better understanding of urban ecosystems and the environmental services they provide. We will advocate natural resource conservation and support science-based programs that encourage sustainable landscapes.

Provide Management Commitment

We will integrate environmental considerations into business decisions, including strategic planning of new and existing products, services and business opportunities. We will support and facilitate operating entities to implement these environmental policies and sustain a process that ensures that Company personnel are informed about pertinent environmental issues and are responsible for environmental policy.

Communicate Openly

We will share our environmental policy with employees, stakeholders, and colleagues in the green industry. We will be open and responsive to public concerns through thoughtful listening and meaningful action and assume a leadership role in supporting initiatives that improve employee, customer, public and industry-wide environmental responsibility.

Monitor Performance

Company approved practices and materials will be used in our operations. Activities will be in compliance with applicable Federal, State, Provincial and local laws. We will conduct regular evaluations of our progress in implementing these policies to measure performance.


Corporate Responsibility Report

Since John Davey founded The Davey Tree Expert Company in 1880, the company has valued the connection between our services and our impacts on employees, clients, natural environments and communities. We are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens to ensure today’s business practices are not detriments to tomorrow’s landscape. Learn more about this commitment in our annual Corporate Responsibility Report.

2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

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