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Sustainable Site Development, Tree Conservation, Land Restoration

Areas serviced include: Greater Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland

Davey's tree preservation and land restoration group is a team of professional foresters, arborists and conservation experts serving the Mid-Atlantic region with specialized knowledge of the impact of urbanization on the natural environment.

When changes are drastic as with construction, mature trees can undergo stress which either cuts their life span short or makes them susceptible to insects and diseases. Such environmental factors are seldom understood or considered in the site planning and construction processes.

Our objective is to help you meet regulatory obligations and project timelines.

We offer a full range of implementation and on-site services in sustainable site development, tree and forest conservation and land restoration. Whether your objectives stem from private considerations or the regulatory process, our team is prepared to present solutions. We provide insight, design alternatives and mitigation solutions for every type of development plan, private project, and management plan.

As a partner, we can integrate with the systems you already have in place.

We understand how critical your internal processes are to smoothly running your business. Our team is set up and competent in a variety of contract management and billing software, including GC Pay, Procore, PASKER, Elation, and E-mars. We'll work with you to ensure a seamless partnership.

Rick Orwig

Davey Tree Dulles, VA Office Details

Manager: Rick Orwig
Address: 22830 Quicksilver Dr. Dulles, VA 20166
Tree Services Near Me:
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
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Trimming (Core Service)

Services Overview

Core Services
  • Root Pruning and Redirecting
  • Tree Armor/Physical Barriers
  • Tree Preservation and Conservation Fencing
  • Root Aeration Matting and Root Protection Matting Installation
  • Silt and Super Silt Fencing, Tree Preservation Fencing, Signage Installation and Trenchless Super Silt Fence Installation
  • Reforestation, Afforestation and Stream Restoration Planting
  • Plant Health Care services designed to mitigate the stresses created in construction
  • Non-Native Invasive Species Removal and Management
  • Tree Misting / Irrigation System Installations and Maintenance 
  • Pre and Post Construction Monitoring and Report Preparation
  • Tree Removal, Pruning, Plantings and Mulching
Root Pruning

Root Pruning Services

Root pruning is one of the most common methods of mitigation prescribed for construction impacts. When needed, Davey provides an ISA Certified Arborist® to clean, cut and trim roots ahead of excavation.

We use a variety of root pruning technology to ensure all necessary tree roots are severed cleanly and correctly:

  • Mechanical Root Pruning
  • Supersonic Air Tool Root Pruning

Most importantly, before each root pruning operation, our arborists confirm the need and proposed activities for each area before proceeding. Our clients trust us to minimize site disturbance and tree impact, while keeping their project on schedule.

Tree Protection

Tree Protection Services

Choosing the proper fencing is essential to preventing on-site intrusions and dependent on the traffic type, frequency and volume.

Tree Protection Fence (TPF)
  • Chain link: Sturdiest and most respected on site
  • Welded wire: A more cost-effective alternative to chain link, but not nearly as sturdy
  • Blaze orange: Least secure option and recommended for remote areas with low traffic
Silt Fencing

Our team can mount silt fencing to our existing fence or even install super silt fencing utilizing the same trench excavated for root pruning activities. Already equipped and on-site, our crew can handle all your required site fencing needs.

Root Matting

Root Protection & Aeration Matting Services

Root Protection Matting (RPM) and Root Aeration Matting (RAM) are essential tree protection and mitigation measures for almost all development and redevelopment sites.  RPM and RAM allows for increased flexibility in working and building around trees.

Davey’s team of experts can formulate and offer customized solutions for every situation using various products and combinations of product systems from various fields. With CAD-ready details and on-site installation, from the drawing board to construction, Davey will ensure proper design and installation of these unique systems.

Commercial Property Assessment

Licenses & Certifications

Our team of professionals have the following licenses and certifications:

  • ISA Certified Arborists
  • Virginia & Maryland Licensed Pesticide Applicators
  • Maryland Licensed Tree Experts
  • Virginia Certified Horticulturalists
  • Board Certified Master Arborists
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