UVM Drivers Drive Millions Of Safe Miles

A focus on safety has resulted in over 12 million miles driven safely by the Davey Resource Group UVM team in the past two years.

The Goal

When employees drive as a part of their position with Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG), the time spent behind the wheel greatly increases safety risks. When traveling through perilous conditions, including unfamiliar roads, time pressure, variable weather conditions, and heavy traffic, one slip of concentration can make the difference. Continued vigilance and training remain important to maintain the health and safety of DRG employees and provide consistent, efficient work for clients.

Our goal is to send every team member safely home to their families at the end of the day, and our training reflects this commitment.

The Solution

DRG’s dedication to expanding safe driving training and resources has resulted in several impactful changes. DRG implemented a post-accident review team, and lessons learned from each accident are shared with the entire department. These reports focus on learning rather than blame, leading to increased driving discussions. With the addition of constant reminders to increase following distance, these factors result in greater driving awareness.

This focus on safety, most apparent through DRG’s extensive training program, has delivered over 12 million miles driven safely by the company’s utility vegetation management (UVM) team in the past two years. To ensure that these were truly safe miles driven, we excluded any miles driven by an employee that experienced an at-fault accident during this reporting period. Driving safely ensures our employees get home safely to their families and creates efficiencies for the clients we work for and support.

The Results

These changes have ensured excellent results. On average, DRG’s UVM drivers collectively deliver more than 6 million miles per year and the average is growing with our focus on driver and community safety. Each UVM driver averaged 46,000 miles of safe driving over the study period. Some exceptional successes included 23 drivers that exceeded 100,000 miles safely driven over the reporting period. The first 100,000 miles driven pose the most risk to drivers, and those who make it through that period successfully have much to be proud of.

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