What Is Iron Deficiency Chlorosis?

What Causes Iron Deficiency Chlorosis?

IDC appears in alkaline soils with excessive pH levels. Iron becomes unavailable to the roots, resulting in deficiency and color transformation. Other common factors that can exacerbate

IDC include:

  • Excessive irrigation
  • Soil compaction
  • Excessive shade

How Do You Treat Iron Deficiency Chlorosis?

It is important to properly diagnose turf with IDC before treating. St. Augustinegrass decline (SAD) can also show common symptoms and may also affect turfgrass species in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Once properly diagnosed, the long-term solution is to gradually apply elemental sulfur or sulfur-containing fertilizers to correct the soil’s alkaline levels and decrease the pH. This should be repeated regularly and may take a few years to return to normal. Foliar applications of liquid iron or micronutrients may also help temporarily greenup turf for a few weeks at a time.

Consult your local landscape professional to find out if your lawn is suffering from IDC and what services are best for your lawn.

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