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Tree Clearing, Bats, and How It May Affect Your Project

The winter tree clearing season of October 1 through March 31 is coming to an end. What does this mean for your project? If your site requires tree clearing, and there is a federal nexus for your project (e.g., federal funding provided, or federal permits needed to construct), then you must abide by the winter tree clearing date restrictions. Keep in mind, trees simply must be felled by March 31. Tree debris and stumps do not have to be removed by this date. If you have all the necessary permits, now is the time to start cutting.

What if your project does not yet have the necessary permits?

There are a number of options available depending on the specifics of your project. Because it is important to understand what is allowed and how to navigate the various laws and regulations, we recommend you contact a professional to discuss your project’s requirements.  

Why are there tree clearing restrictions?

In Ohio and Indiana, the Indiana and northern long-eared bats are afforded special protection under the Endangered Species Act. Because bats hibernate in caves during the winter, this is deemed the ideal time to clear trees as the potential to harm these species is at its lowest.

Need Help?

If you wish to further discuss how this information may affect your project, please contact Amy Allen or Judith Mitchell.

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