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Landings at the Glen, Glencoe, IL

DRG converted concrete basins into stormwater ponds with lush native plantings for the Landings at the Glen subdivision in Glencoe, Illinois.


Project Narrative:

In 2007 Davey Resource Group (DRG) was awarded a contract with the Acres Group for a Shoreline Restoration project at the Landings at the Glen subdivision. We converted three concrete water basins into stormwater ponds that use a mix of best management practices (BMPs), such as using native wetland and upland mesic prairie plantings.

DRG accomplished sediment control tactics through erosion reduction techniques such as creating rock outcropping on the pond buffers overlaid with native seed beds. Native plugs and seeding was initiated and erosion blankets were secured for security. Invasive vegetation management techniques were administered to decrease unwanted vegetation and help promote native plant establishment.

DRG has continued to steward these ponds through invasive vegetation management and prescribed burn regiments. Walking paths and a gazebo have been added to encourage residents to enjoy their natural ecosystem. The native plants are flourishing and many amphibians, birds, and small mammals now call these ponds home.

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