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In the Mid and South Atlantic, homeowners and businesses rely on Davey's expertise to create lush and vibrant green spaces through top-tier water management solutions.

Davey’s landscape professionals work with you to determine your irrigation needs and fully assess your property before making any recommendations.

Water is one of the most critical biological variables for plant health. Everyone knows too little water causes plants to wilt and die, but too much water causes equally serious problems. The key ingredient to properly manage and conserve water is understanding the ecological connection between plants, soil, and water.

Our landscape professionals understand this valuable relationship and can make sure your landscapes stay bright and healthy using sustainable solutions.

Our services include:

  • Irrigation Design & Installation 
  • Irrigation System Recalibration
  • Routine Monitoring and Maintenance

Mid Atlantic Local Landscaping Services


Effective Irrigation Systems

Properly managed irrigation systems that match the landscape’s water needs can provide a wealth of benefits to your property, from cost savings to optimum plant health and more. When irrigation systems are up to par, homeowners and businesses are able to keep their green spaces vibrant and healthy.

Water Management Audit Review

Custom Irrigation Solutions

Sometimes installing new irrigation technologies will make the biggest impact on a property. Other times, a simple hardware replacement or system recalibration will do the trick. 

Davey’s irrigation experts work with each client to determine what will best fit their unique needs to ensure turf, trees, and shrubs stay healthy and vibrant. 

Outdoor living elevated

Landscape Design & Installation

Davey begins every project by getting a sense of your vision. Whether it’s landscaping to help enhance a brand or creating a garden to enhance a homeowner’s living space, our team of experts can help build a plan for your outdoor space that perfectly fits your goals and budget. 

Irrigation on Commercial Property
Irrigation on Commercial Property

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