Posted: April 24, 2024

Commercial properties are bustling with activity. From shoppers in retail spaces finding their next purchase, to employees walking around corporate campus grounds to attend meetings and lunches, to patients, visitors, and staff arriving and leaving hospital grounds, commercial spaces accept the responsibility of hundreds of people coming and leaving their grounds per day. 

But foot traffic in a commercial space extends beyond the buildings. Hardscape features such as patios, pavers and pathways, rock features, and retaining walls can enhance first impressions while providing unique functionality to commercial properties.  

5 Ways Hardscapes Can Transform Your Commercial Property 

  • Maximizing Curb Appeal – First impressions matter for commercial properties. While landscape elements like colorful flowers and beautifying trees can help entice guests into your commercial space, hardscapes can also help. Well-designed walkways, striking entrances, and durable materials like pavers and natural stone can become eye-catching features that enhance your property’s outdoor areas.  
  • Creating Inviting Outdoor SpacesDuring warm weather months, outdoor spaces are great gathering places that encourage people to connect with nature while attending business-related meetings or other job responsibilities. Hardscapes are an essential part of these spaces. Patios and seating areas at corporate campuses can provide accessible spaces for visitors to enjoy the outdoors and provide opportunities for events and gatherings.  
  • Promoting Brand Identity – Your brand identity helps sell and showcase your company’s capabilities. Creating a visual impression that communicates your distinctive brand can come in many forms, including the use of hardscapes. Infusing your commercial hardscape with themed accents or logos can reinforce your brand’s identity, making a memorable impression outside of the building walls.  
  • Embracing Sustainability – Corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework highlights a company’s commitment to their sustainability values and employee wellness. While most ESG framework includes tree and habitat conservation, hardscapes can play a part in sustainability, too. Incorporating eco-friendly materials and practices like permeable pavements demonstrates environmental stewardship while delivering practical solutions. 
  • Prioritizing Safety – Safety is always a top concern on high traffic properties. Adding hardscapes to offer safe, stable pathways and even surfaces for employees and guests can reduce potential slip and fall hazards. Defined walking areas and non-slip materials guide foot traffic, creating a secure outdoor environment for tenants and visitors. 

Finding the Right Partner 

An imaginative use of hardscaping solutions can make your commercial property an accessible, easily navigable, and enjoyable space to be in. Partnering with experienced professionals can ensure seamless execution for your hardscape goals, from design to maintenance. 


Commercial Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design

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