Posted: April 12, 2022

Landscape professionals responsible for the care of large commercial properties must deal with the many moving parts of landscape management, such as tree pruning, mowing schedules, plant health, and irrigation system operation while maintaining a strict budget. Creating a long-term, detailed plan can help keep property managers ahead of the game on these demanding tasks.

Most experts recommend a five-year time frame to establish plans based on projected budgets. Having a five-year plan can help property managers make well-informed landscape maintenance decisions that, in turn, create vibrant and healthy landscapes. But how can you plan that far in advance? Follow these three steps to help the plan take shape:

  • Assessments – Walking through the property with an expert helps managers identify any and all issues on a property and determine the severity of identified issues.
  • Prioritization – After conducting an assessment, prioritize solutions or create goals based on the immediate need. Severe risks or important tasks can be prioritized among everyday maintenance activities that can’t be ignored, like mowing or snow removal.
  • Create a budget – Budgeting according to highest priority, incorporated with everyday maintenance tasks such as mowing, ensures that the property’s landscape funds are well-spent. Your landscape professional can provide realistic estimates to help create a meaningful budget.

Be Proactive With Your Landscape

Once a 5-year plan is in place, property managers can adjust their landscape bids accordingly. If the property requires more (or less) than the scope of work outlines, your trusted landscape experts will help recommend adjustments to create a more accurate plan.

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Commercial Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design

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