Shot Hole Disease

Shot hole disease affects Cherrylaurel trees, especially Otto Luyken cultivar, English Laurel and other cherries. The disease starts with water soaked spots that slowly grow in diameter. 


Shot hole disease is caused by a few different types of bacterium. Rain, overhead watering and poor air circulation all contribute to the spread of this disease.


As the tree defends itself against the initial infection, the damaged spots stop growing, turn a reddish brown color and dry up. Eventually, the dry spots fall out leaving a hole in the leaf. When severe, the plant appears as though it had been shot with a shotgun. 


Reduce overhead watering and improve air circulation by properly pruning and thinning the shrubs. Applications of fungicides (especially copper-based ones) may be needed to alleviate, but not eliminate, the infection.

Contact your local certified arborist to learn the proper way to care for your trees and help it fend off infection. 

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