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Davey Institute Research Facilities

Our Facilities

Our focus is to provide real world solutions to green industry issues. 

Davey laboratory personnel help coordinate and conduct diagnostics and consult on various aspects of plant, soil and ecological issues. The labs interface with collaborators constantly to review and update plant health care programs and our pest database and product offerings.

Plant Laboratory

Davey’s Plant Laboratory is a USDA-APHIS certified facility, allowing our lab to accept tree, shrub, and turf samples from within the United States. We work collaboratively with other laboratory facilities to deliver certain specialized tests. Davey territories and their clients are provided with plant problem diagnosis, identification of insects, trees, shrubs, turf and weeds and management recommendations as needed.

Soil Laboratory

Davey’s Soil Laboratory is a USDA-APHIS certified facility as well, which allows our lab to accept soil samples from within the United States. We provide basic and specialized tests to ascertain soil structure and deficiencies, and provide recommendations to the field for remediation.

Bio-ecological Laboratory

The Bio-Ecological laboratory serves the Davey Company as a resource consortium for analysis and provides solutions for bio-ecological issues and to help with policy development. Conflict mitigation of invertebrate and vertebrate fauna and their interactions within our urban greenspaces continues to be of growing importance.

Shalersville Research Station

This 28-acre wooded facility provides Davey scientists with the opportunity to conduct extensive field trials and tree-related research, including the evaluation of safety protocols during tree rigging and climbing, product development and efficacy, plant and soil care, and sustainable landscapes. It has served as host location for ISA’s Tree Biomechanics Symposium, which brings together researchers from around the world for a two-day public symposium to collaborate on tree biomechanics solutions.

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