In this KXAN segment, Dave Madden from Davey’s South Austin office talks about the warning signs of zombie trees.  

Posted: November 23, 2022

While it may sound a bit hyperbolic, the dead walk amongst us this fall: zombie trees. It sounds silly, but zombie trees are what arborists call trees that are still standing but aren’t alive. This year’s drought and the 2021 winter storm have caused a horde of zombie trees to swarm across Central Texas. 

Zombie trees can be very dangerous. While they may look healthy, arborists said they could fall or break apart easily. A falling branch could damage people, pets and property. 

Identifying these trees isn’t easy. Sadly, these trees aren’t saying “brains” every other second. A certified arborist may be needed to diagnose the tree. 

Meteorologist Kristen Currie spoke with Dave Madden from the Davey Tree Expert Company about the potential zombie trees in our area. Madden explains what his team looks for to identify the walking dead and what has to be done if he finds one. 

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