In this Cleveland Magazine article, CJ Taylor from Davey’s West Cleveland office talks about the effects of a warmer winter on trees. 

Posted: April 07, 2023

Fickle weather seems to have the most impact on landscaping asPhoto of a snow-covered tree warmer temperatures cause trees and plants to develop prematurely just to be shocked by the cold, leading to dieback, insect activity and disease.  

“A lot of times when we start to get an unreasonably warm season like we are currently, we start to leaf-out prematurely,” CJ Taylor, a sales arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Company says. “And then that freeze will cause leaf dieback and things like that. So it starts to cause a lot of stress on trees. Later in the season, you’ll start to see early defoliation of leaves and you do get an increase in insect and disease activity as well.”  

To read the rest of CJ’s comments, click here.  

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