In this article, Dan Dalton from Davey's Hamden office shares information about the impact of beech leaf disease and what can be done to prevent it.

Posted: August 14, 2023

Beech trees, one of the state’s most common species, fill many of Connecticut's forests and stand tall in people's backyards. However, in recent years these trees have fallen prey to a type of microscopic worm called a nematode, which feed on leaves before they even emerge from the bud and lead to reduced foliage and slowly sickening trees.

Beech leaf disease, as it’s known, first appeared in Cleveland, Ohio in 2012 before rapidly spreading to 11 other states, including many places in New England, and the province of Ontario, Canada. Detected in Connecticut in 2019, beech leaf disease has become a major concern to arborists and scientists across the state.

“When the leaf comes out of the bud, it’s already damaged, and that damage is done and can’t be reversed,” said arborist Dan Dalton of The Davey Tree Expert Co. “The disease hurts the tree because when leaves are damaged, they can’t photosynthesize as well as they usually do. They lose energy over time and become more susceptible to insects and diseases.” 

To read what else Dan ahs to say about Beech Leaf Disease, click here.

For more information, contact the Hamden office.

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