In this Wicked Local article, arborist Natascha Batchelor from Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, talks about identifying beech leaf disease and what to do if you see it.  

Posted: July 15, 2022

Picture of a beech tree.

A mysterious new tree disease is sweeping through the nation, carrying the potential of changing environments and local ecologies.   

Beech leaf disease is currently contributing to a localized, yet significant decline of beech trees in the commonwealth, according to arborist Natascha Batchelor of Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, which is based on Cape Cod.   

“It’s a pretty new disease,” Batchelor said. “It first appeared in Ohio back in 2012 and made its way to Massachusetts by 2020. It moved quickly.”   

To read Natascha’s comments, click here.  

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