Tree Care & Maintenance

Tree Care & Maintenance

Go ahead; let your trees show off a little. Tree care and maintenance is essential to upholding the beauty and value of your property. Our maintenance services cater to the aesthetic appeal and overall health of your trees.

Tree care and maintenance contribute to the health and safety of your trees, as well as the overall value of your property. With proper, routine care:

Trees Are Stronger

  • Holistic tree care and maintenance improves the vitality of trees, helping them withstand stormy summers or persistent pests and diseases
  • Preventative maintenance is critical to protecting trees from decline and protecting your property from potential damage
  • With products such as Davey’s Arbor Green PRO® trees can obtain nutrients and overall vigor to promote healthy growth in an urban setting

Property Value Increases

  • Keeping up on tree maintenance helps uphold and even enhance the value of your property and home
  • Improving your tree’s natural form and appearance contributes to curb appeal

Your local arborist works with you to build a tree care plan for the unique needs of your property. Because you’re working with the same Davey professional, you can rest assured that your arborist is familiar with the appropriate maintenance cycle for your specific trees and shrubs.

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