Residential Tree Care Services

Davey Tree local offices and Davey Tree certified arborists are located throughout North America. Locate the tree service expert in your community, meet your local manager, or find out more about the expert tree and landscape services available in your area.

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  • Tree Health Inspection & Treatment

    Our team of professionally-trained arborists will ensure the health of your trees and shrubs. From handling tree disease and insects to soil care and root protection, every aspect will be inspected by our tree doctors to create a treatment plan to solve any issues.

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  • Tree Safety Inspections & Solutions

    A Davey certified arborist will visit your property and perform a tree risk assessment. After analyzing tree health, we will suggest options to improve the safety of your trees, which could include tree cabling and bracing, lightning protection systems and tree removal.

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  • Tree Care & Maintenance

    Ensure the lasting beauty and life of your trees with help from Davey. Our full-service tree care includes trimming, pruning and fertilizing the trees and shrubs on your property, resulting in great looking trees with the best chance for a long, healthy life.

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  • Tree Planting & Transplanting

    Whether you're looking to plant new trees or transplant trees and shrubs to a new property or different location on the same property, our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to do the job.

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  • Lawn & Landscape Care

    Trees were just the beginning. Your local Davey team provides a full suite of lawn and landscape maintenance services.

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