Urban Forestry Management Software

The TreeKeeper® management software system has been used daily by our clients across North America for more than 20 years. The TreeKeeper Suite allows clients to efficiently manage their urban forest and:

  • Access the system from any location using desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Accommodate multiple users simultaneously with real-time editing at the office or in the field
  • Instantly identify sites, calls and work records requiring immediate attention
  • Track work histories and costs for each tree by internal crews and contractors
  • Record citizen requests for service and information
  • Accurately determine project budgets
  • Calculate and share tree values and eco-benefits

The TreeKeeper Suite was developed to provide different points of access based on user need. The suite includes the TreeKeeper 7 (TK7) version, which has been a market leader since its introduction, as well as two additional modules: TreeKeeper Mobile and myTreeKeeper. All three software systems utilize the same database so any transaction in the underlying data occurs in real time, reflecting immediately in each system.

For more information, email TK7Support@davey.com or call 800.828.8312 ext. 4857



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