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Thank you for the excellent job that you and your crew did yesterday for us. I especially appreciate the time you spent on the nellie stevens hollies, opening them up and getting out the dead wood. You all are true professionals and our yard looks so much better.

Sally J.

The team came out on a day’s notice. I had a dangerous limb sitting on my roof. Called and explained and they came out first thing the next morning. Excellent!

Cindi S., San Antonio, TX

Professional Tree Service in San Antonio

If you’re looking for tree specialists right in your backyard, you’ve come to the right place. Davey arborists provide the expertise needed to perform expert tree care on your property. We want to help you maintain the beauty of your landscape, or if necessary, give it the care it needs to get back to its healthy, thriving self.

Featured Tree Services

Common Tree Pests and Diseases

Due to its warm climate, San Antonio has many tree pests and diseases that are unique to the area. Our tree specialists have the tools needed to diagnose these common problems and recommend the best solution to improve your property.

  • Oak Wilt - Early foliar symptoms are wilting, bronzing and shedding of the leaves at the ends of branches in the upper crown. The symptoms can spread through the crown very quickly, often within a few weeks
  • Bagworms - Bagworms attack both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. These pests can often go unnoticed until serious damage has occurred.
  • Pine Sawflies - Sawflies usually infest shortleaf, loblolly, longleaf, pitch and Virginia pines in the South. Signs of infestation can vary, but generally include defoliation of needles and bark.
  • Scale Insects - Scale insects are oddly shaped and do not resemble typical insects, which is why they oftentimes go unnoticed. When large numbers of these insects invade a tree or shrub, they feed on so many of the plant’s nutrients that it can die.

Davey Tree offers prevention and treatment options for these common tree and pest issues and more. If you are concerned one of your trees may be suffering from a disease or pest infestation, find your local Davey arborist for expert advice and a free diagnosis.

The Davey Institute Advisors

Sometimes, it takes additional research to diagnose a tree disease or problem our San Antonio arborists come across. That’s when the scientists and technical advisors at The Davey Institute step in. With the ability to collect tree and plant samples and send them back to the professionals in our diagnostics lab, no tree or plant disease is too complex for Davey. The Davey Institute provides the scientific backing our local arborists use to make informed decisions about your property.

The DaveyCare℠ Client Promise

At our San Antonio, Texas office, we believe there are no shortcuts to solid relationships. This is why all of our work is done by ISA Certified Arborists and Davey Tree is proudly TCIA Accredited. We want to earn your business, your trust and your confidence one step at a time. If at any point, you are unsatisfied with the care you receive at Davey Tree, we will work to make it right. It’s our promise to you. Guaranteed.

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The Davey Tree Expert Company 24175 Boerne Stage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78225

Areas serviced

  • Castroville
  • Gonzales
  • Helotes
  • Jourdantown
  • San Antonio
  • Three Rivers
  • Von Ormy
  • Blanco
  • Boerne
  • Sabinal

All San Antonio Tree Services

  • Tree Removal

    Damage, disease or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability. When this occurs, Davey’s certified arborists can be trusted for safe and efficient tree removal.

  • Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning is an important tool to help sustain a tree’s health and retain its natural appearance. Davey assesses your tree’s pruning needs from removal of unhealthy limbs to disease reduction.

  • Tree Planting

    Planting a tree that will thrive depends on the landscape, the climate and property goals. Our certified arborists provide expertise on “right tree, right place” – what trees to plant and where and how to plant them.

  • Subsurface Watering

    Our subsurface watering program is designed to improve soil moisture around your trees and shrubs. An injection probe distributes water directly into the root zone, hydrating drought-stressed trees.

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

    Trees and shrubs in an urban setting loose nutrients in a number of ways, but applying fertilizer is a way to restore vitality. Our slow-release fertilizer Arbor Green PRO® replaces nutrients and improves resistance to disease and stressful weather.

  • Tree Insect & Disease Management

    Monitoring trees for signs of insects and disease is essential for proactive protection. Our professional arborists have a keen eye for signs of infection and can provide management and treatment options to restore tree health.

  • Cabling & Bracing

    Our certified arborist effectively pinpoint weak limbs that need cables and braces to reduce potential risk. Professional installation strengthens weak branches and reduces tree stress caused by weather elements and heavy foliage.

  • Tree Risk Assessment

    Schedule seasonal tree risk assessments to keep your trees and home safe. Certified arborists can identify safety hazards and potential weaknesses earlier. Catching problems early is far cheaper and safer than treating advanced problems later.

  • Air Spade

    Many tree problems start at the roots, and left untreated, can lead to tree failure. Certified arborists use air spades to diagnose root problems and remedy root flares. This tool reduces soil compaction while safely unveiling tree roots for arborists’ inspection.

  • Landscape Management

    Our team provides a full-range of landscape maintenance services to manage the health and aesthetic appearance of your property.

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