Storm Preparedness & Recovery

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Heavy rain, lightning, high winds, excess snow or a combination of any of these severe weather scenarios can damage your trees – from their root systems all the way to their branches and leaves. Inspecting trees before and after storms is essential to promote strong, healthy trees.

Regular tree maintenance can mean a world of difference when it comes to tree strength during a storm. Proper pruning provides proper scaffold branch spacing and thins the tree canopy, allowing wind to blow through it instead of against it. Pruning also removes potentially hazardous dead or weak branches. Cabling and bracing may also be necessary to reduce the likelihood of structurally weak trees from splitting and breaking in stormy weather.

Lightning may strike anything that provides a good path for the electrical charge to travel from the storm cloud to the ground, including trees. Installing lightning protection systems in valuable trees can help reduce the likelihood of damage. A tree with strong, healthy wood is more likely to survive destructive, stormy weather.

Suspect storm damage to your trees or want to ensure your trees are strong enough to survive excess wind?

Don't let the weather damage your picture perfect landscape. Contact your local certified arborist to request a consultation and help you protect your trees. 

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