Soil Food Web

The health and beauty of your trees are dependent on more than just pruning. We would like to bring your attention to an exciting new service that we are now offering. Our new soilcare program has a biological component that is a completely organic, environmentally friendly approach to promoting the health of your trees.

Healthy Trees Start with Healthy Soils

The soils of urban trees are often neglected and yet tree health is dependent upon fertile soils that are alive with diverse populations of microorganisms and available nutrients that feed off one another. The soil around trees in natural surroundings contains these organisms and nutrients and tend to live much longer lives. As a home and tree owner, you can assist in promoting a healthy soil environment by maintaining your trees’ “Soil Food Web.” This is accomplished by the application of compost teas and organic management.

What is a Soil Food Web?

The Soil Food Web (SFW) is the interaction of tree roots, microorganisms, and organic matter in the soil. The diversity within the SFW has a direct and indirect impact on the health of your soil and trees. Adjustments can be made with applications of microorganisms not readily present in the soil. We analyze the soil, develop a brewing tea to enhance the quality of the SFW (based on the needs of your trees’ biological requirements), and then apply these teas to restore the soil to favorable conditions.

Why is this Important for My Trees?

The first line of defense against pest and disease problems is plant health. The healthier a tree or shrub, the better able it will be to fend off pests and diseases. Before pest problems occur, we can restore your trees’ natural health with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly approaches. Restore your trees’ natural surroundings to the way mother nature intended. We look forward to helping you on your soil care needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists. We will come and inspect your property and have an arborist develop a SoilCare for your trees.

Find out if the soil food web is the right option for you and your landscape by requesting a consultation with your local certified Davey arborist. 

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