Fall is Ideal for Tree Pruning

Fall Tree Pruning

You can help maintain your tree's health by removing dead, diseased and broken branches. It also makes it safer for your family and property. Pruning also can be done for aesthetic reasons, including letting more light onto your property or improving a view.

Pruning during the dormant season is ideal because it's easier to spot branches that should be removed. Additionally, doing this work in advance of rough winter weather can greatly reduce a tree's risk of damage or failure during a storm.

Because problems are more evident when a tree is dormant, fall also is a great time to do a tree safety check. Ask your arborist to look for signs that your tree may be weak or a danger to your family or property.

Watch this Talking Trees video to learn more about proper pruning, or check out these additional tips on tree and property care.

For more advice about pruning your trees, find your local certified arborist and request a consultation. 

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