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  • Summer Checklist

    Follow this summer checklist to keep your trees and landscape healthy by identifying potential issues.

  • Talking Trees: How to Properly Prune Your Trees

    In this episode of Talking Trees, Davey Expert and ISA Certified Arborist Steve Nagy tells you why, when, and how to properly prune your trees.

  • Emerald Ash Borer- KTRS

    Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey's West St. Louis office, tells listeners how to spot emerald ash borer in their trees.

  • Proper mulching- KDKA

    Todd Sherbondy, district manager of Davey's East Pittsburgh office, tells listeners how to properly mulch and what trees they should be pruning this time of year.

  • Planting and caring for young trees- KTRS

    Karl Dreyer, district manager of Davey's St. Louis office, tells listeners the steps they need to take when planting a young tree.