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  • Bronze Birch Borer

    The bronze birch beetle is a destructive beetle larva that feeds on birch trees wakened from drought, poor growing conditions or other insect infestation.

  • Spruce Spider Mites

    If infestations continue, spruce spider mites may kill tree branches and possibly lead to tree death. Save your trees from these pests with the following tips.

  • Trees: Decay Detection

    You want the best for your trees, and that includes making sure they are healthy. Here’s a great way to determine trees’ inner beauty.

  • Arbor Day Tree Planting Q&A

    Tree planting questions submitted by you, answered by our experts at the Davey Institute.

  • Two-Spotted Spider Mites

    Two-spotted spider mites are difficult to control. They’re a pest to more than 150 different plant species. You can avoid spider mite encounters with these tips from your local, licensed Davey tree service professional.