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  • Spring Checklist

    Follow our spring checklist to keep your trees and landscape healthy by using proper fertilization techniques and identifying potential issues.

  • Brown Patch Disease

    Brown patch is a fungal disease that develops rapidly as a result of prolonged wet conditions such as periods of rain, heavy dew, excessive irrigation or poor drainage.

  • Gray Leaf Spot Disease

    Gray leaf spot is a fungal disease affecting St. Augustinegrass, caused by high temperatures and prolonged wet weather.

  • Talking Trees: How to Properly Mulch Your Trees

    In this episode of Talking Trees, Davey Expert and ISA Certified Arborist Shawn Fitzgerald discusses the benefits of proper mulching, including some key pitfalls to avoid.

  • Caring for Trees and Lawn During a Drought

    Maintaining your trees and lawn during a drought can be a process, but one that is well worth it for the growth of your trees and the health of your landscape. Find out how to keep your yard at its best during one of the worst weather conditions.