The Davey Tree Legacy

Rooted In Expertise Since 1880

John Davey developed the concept of tree surgery, the idea that the health of a tree could be maintained like that of a human being when he founded The Davey Tree Expert Company in 1880. John, known as the “Father of Tree Surgery,” started training the world’s first tree surgeons – predecessors of the modern-day arborist. Today, the employee-owners of Davey Tree are committed to using their knowledge and expertise to deliver unmatched excellence in client experience. And they are dedicated to furthering John Davey’s mission of caring for trees.

John Davey founded The Davey Tree Expert Company in 1880. Click here to learn more about our founder

Explore this timeline of Davey history and see how the Davey Company remains true to its roots.

The Davey Tree Expert Company has grown from a small seedling of an idea first planted by John Davey into a giant within the green industry.

Since 1880, Davey has set industry standards for tree care and become one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America. As Davey has grown, so too has its commitment to its clients, employees and the environment.

40 Years of Employee Ownership


For 40 years, The Davey Tree Expert Company has built and maintained a culture of employee-ownership. Several important milestones since March 15, 1979, when ownership of the company passed from the Davey family to the employees, show how employee-ownership has developed over the past four decades.