Tree Training: Nation's Arborists Gather for Intense Program

In this article from, RJ Laverne, Davey's manager of education and training, tells readers what D.I.T.S. means for the future of the industry. 

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Posted: Feb. 13, 2015

By Julie Bawden-Davis 

Trees are living things vital to the health and survival of our planet, so it makes sense to rigorously train their caretakers. That’s a decision the Davey Tree Expert Company made more than 100 years ago, and their dedication to educating the stewards of our nation’s trees hasn’t wavered.

Every February, the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences (D.I.T.S.) holds a month-long intensive training program consisting of 11-hour days, six days a week. Student arborists, who have fulfilled certain criteria and are handpicked by their superiors, travel from around the U.S. and Canada to attend this prestigious course.

The extensive training focuses on the complete care of trees and includes classroom and onsite training in a wide variety of areas, including pruning, troubleshooting problems, preserving trees during construction, disease and insect management, safe climbing and cabling.

Courses are taught by top experts, including master arborists, entomologists, and plant pathologists. D.I.T.S. attendees have the option to take the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) exam after the training is complete.

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