Strong gusts topple trees in Las Vegas neighborhood

In this interview with Las Vegas Now, Ken Busse, sales arborist for Davey's Las Vegas office, tells homeowners the importance of looking up at your trees. 

Posted: March 9, 2016 

By Denise Valdez 

People around Las Vegas are cleaning up after strong winds and rain hammered the valley over the weekend. One issue homeowners are dealing with are old trees that took a beating in those strong gusts.

There are pockets of older Las Vegas neighborhoods where there are lots of mature trees and while they are very pretty, their attractiveness can come with a cost.

When Ed Cecchi and his family moved to southern Nevada from the East Coast, they were looking for an established neighborhood.

"We decided to live downtown because of the history and the character that exists in these neighborhoods," he said.

Part of that character came crashing down Sunday. A towering pine tree and a series of others were heavily damaged.

"A whole tree uprooted down the street," Cecchi said. "We must have had some peak gusts right through here."

Ken Busse with Davey Tree confirms older trees can be more vulnerable.

"It's very dangerous for high density plants or trees," he said. "The wind can not get through there and it puts a lot of stress on limbs and branches."

To watch the rest of the interview, click here. 

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