Non-Flower Gardens: 50 shades of green, plus other colors

In this AP article with The Washington Post, Shawn Fitzgerald, a technical advisor for Davey Tree, tells readers how they can enhance their flowerless gardens by incorporating water features, rocks and benches. 

Posted: March 7, 2017

By Kim Cook

While beds tumbling with flowers are lovely, there’s an emerging trend in landscape design: the flowerless garden.

Non-traditional gardens are no less green. In fact, the hue is often more obvious than in a floral-filled space. Varieties of leafy shrubs, trees, vines and grasses create a verdant vista, even in small gardens. An additional perk: these gardens may be significantly easier to maintain than a plot full of posies.

Justin Hancock of Costa Farms, a nursery in Miami, describes two types of non-traditional gardens: “One is a soothing, naturalistic garden that’s filled with different shades of green,” he says. “The other is a little more flamboyant and uses variegated plants to bring in splashes of color.”

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