Hoosier Gardener: 4 books to educate and entertain

This Indy Star article mentions Davey Tree in its recommendation of Jill Jonnes' book, “Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape” as a good read for 2017. 

Posted: Jan. 6, 2017

By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Happy New Year! Now that we’re headed into 2017, it’s time to spend a few quiet weeks stowing energy for the winter season and perhaps entertain ourselves or learn something new. Here are a few books to consider:

“Rantings of a Mad Botanist: A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening and Land Use Practices Emphasizing Central Indiana” (Mad Botanist Publications, hardcover, 456 pages, $45), by Bill N. McKnight, sounds a lot more scholarly than it is. OK, McKnight, editor of special publications at the Indiana Academy of Science, a former biology teacher and museum curator, is scholarly, but his book is not.

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