Fighting the Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer continues to be of interest in St Louis. In this short interview with Davey’s St Louis District Manager Karl Dreyer, he gives the public a few quick recommendations for homeowners worried about protecting their ash trees from EAB.

Nichole: Karl, you say it’s going to affect every ash tree in our area. So what do you tell homeowners?

Karl: We tell homeowners to be proactive if they wish to preserve their ash trees. Every ash tree is going to be susceptible to this pest. So we recommend you be proactive with a plant health care program – keep the trees healthy — watering, fertilization and then a preventative insect control program specific for this beetle.

Nichole: Karl says treatment programs will vary when it comes to strategy and costs, so we are providing his information if you’d like more specifics.


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