6 Signs of a Healthy Tree

In this article from Angie's List, Rick Castro, district manager of Davey's Seattle office, tells readers to look up at their trees. 

Posted: August 7, 2015 

While you’re enjoying the summer season, take a moment to look up and check your trees. A good look every now and then can be the difference between having healthy trees and having trees with advanced problems that could do damage to your property.

Leaf through these signs of healthy trees.

1. One main tree trunk

In addition to creating a straight appearance, a main, center trunk adds strength and stability to the tree structure. 

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2. New growth

A healthy tree produces new growth yearly on both its trunk and branches. Check the distance between this year’s buds and last year’s by looking for scars on the branch. Different trees have different growth patterns, so research your tree online to see what you should expect. 

3. Full branches

Dead and broken branches invite insects and diseases to enter a tree, so prune those away. Test to see if a branch is dead by scraping the branch with your thumbnail. Living branches show green underneath. Or gently bend a branch. Dead branches snap easily, while living branches will bend. 

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