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Web Services and Programming

Davey Resource Group, Inc. provides custom web services and programming for a full range of GIS and IT software solutions. Supporting a variety of urban forestry, utility forestry and natural resource projects, our team of experts stays up to date on hardware and software capabilities to deliver custom programs, scripts and analyses to best serve our valued clients.

DRG’s web services and programming includes:

Story Maps, customized to provide visual guides for any project. Developed with text, data and images, detailed Story Maps can be used as a web service and an educational aide when explaining a project to the public.

Customized data collection and management solutions, built for the unique needs of each client. Through our internally developed field and management software suite, along with extensive experience with a range of other programs, we offer critical contributions to internal and external projects and GIS needs.

Online web viewers, developed on multiple platforms to enable clients and stakeholders easy and secure online access to important project data and results. Web viewers are especially useful for planning and public awareness efforts.

Custom tools and scripts, with custom automation and GIS workflows using automated scripts/models. Our GIS professionals provide useful tools, value-added services and quality deliverables that give clients the tools they need to make informed decisions.

DRG understands that a project’s success often relies on dependable and up-to-date technology, so we tirelessly work to deliver innovative web services and programming to meet the specific needs of each client.

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