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To efficiently run their utility vegetation management (UVM) programs, utilities often rely on field inventory data, custom reporting, and tracking websites to allocate time and funding where it will make the biggest impact on reliability. Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s (DRG) customized data collection and management solutions are built for the unique needs of each client. Through our internally developed field and management software suite, along with extensive experience with a range of other programs, we offer critical contributions to internal and external projects and GIS needs.

Myrowkeeper Attributes

MyRowKeeper, Rover, ResourceKeeper

MyROWKeeper, Rover, and ResourceKeeper are Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s software suite designed for utility clients to create and manage unique solutions to fit their needs.

Rover is a Windows-based, GIS-capable data collection system that allows utility foresters to identify vegetation management concerns in real-time through any web-enabled device.

Its companion, MyRowKeeper is the user-friendly platform designed for comprehensive reporting, analysis, and project tracking.

ResourceKeeper interacts with information from MyROWKeeper to create a streamlined, paperless database users can edit, even when offline.


TreeKeeper® Tree Inventory Management

TreeKeeper is DRG’s all-in-one proprietary tree inventory management software designed by urban foresters, for urban foresters.

Leveraging the device’s GPS, cellular and/or browser location services, it automatically identifies the data collector’s position and provides the same editing and data management capabilities as the full site whether you’re in the field or in the office.



DRG uses ESRI ArcPad® Mobile Mapping software for data collection during GIS inventories and verifications.

ESRI ArcPad® generates custom input forms and creates, edits, and displays GIS information in a disconnected environment. This information can integrate directly into ArcGIS for desktop, ArcGIS for server, and ArcGIS online.

ESRI Collector, a companion to the ArcGIS mobile application, enables the use of a smartphone or tablet to collect and update information in the field with a web connection.

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