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Utility Line Clearance Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should Know About Trees and Your Electric Service

Utility line clearance refers to trimming, pruning, maintaining, removing, or clearing of trees and other vegetation that is near power lines.

Each utility establishes a unique set of minimum clearance guidelines to comply with regulations outlined by local, state, and federal authorities. Only professional, certified arborist utility specialists are qualified to perform line clearance duties around energized lines.

What Does Davey Do?

Davey’s line clearance team works directly with utility companies to trim or remove specific trees that have been identified by work planning crews.

We also hear from homeowners about a variety of other concerns—requests for wood chips, left behind debris and property damage, and unsafe driver behavior. Rest assured our team is using the most efficient trimming techniques and will communicate with you on any work done on your property. We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to make it right!

If you have concerns about trees near power lines on your property, reach out to your utility provider. Typically, the customer service number can be found on your energy bill. For tree care beyond the power lines boundaries, contact your local Davey office.

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