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Women in Utility Spotlight: Sara Dreiser

Meet Sara Dreiser

After a friend who worked for Davey encouraged her to apply for a temporary position, Sara joined Davey in 2012. Several years later, she loves the challenges and fast pace of her job. As a manager for Davey’s Upper Midwest accounts, Sara oversees teams of about 75 people working for utilities in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Specifically, Sara oversees the supervisors of field teams. On a day-to-day basis, her team is planning work, running customer tickets, performing quality control, and patrolling ROWs for hazard trees. Her role is to work with her direct reports to do safety checks, quality control, and assist with financials like invoicing. “I love the team I work with,” Sara says. “I am amazed by the smart group of people in this industry and their passion to make changes inspires me.”

Sara recognizes that women are “few and far between” in the industry. “It makes me aware of team members who may not feel like they fit in and support them,” she says. “My counterparts may not recognize that emotion, but because I’ve been there, I hope I can see it and be more accommodating to anyone with a diversity challenge in the industry.”

She says being a woman in the industry also ups her determination. “If I got the sense someone thought I couldn’t be there or couldn’t do it, it made me push harder,” she says.

Colleague support, along with her own confidence, has kept her morale high during her career. “I have a wonderful group of supportive leaders around me,” she says. “And the people I report to are incredibly supportive, welcoming, and very interested in my ideas and incorporating them.”

“There’s nothing we can’t do,” she says about women in this field. “It’s not too physically demanding. You can absolutely do this job.”