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Women in Utility Spotlight: Maybi Napoles

Meet Maybi Napoles

As a Cuban-American who immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 16, Maybi’s professional career started in managerial roles at retail stores. But after she got married, she decided to make a change to stay aligned with her husband’s schedule. In 2014, she followed in her husband’s footsteps by joining the utility workforce.

After gaining experience as a foreman and work planner, Maybi joined Davey in 2019 as a general foreman. In this role she serves as a supervisor to her crews, making sure jobs are completed correctly, safely, and on schedule. “Everyone is a family and a team,” she says. “I love teamwork, I think that it’s something that is a ‘must’ in the workplace.”

Being a woman in the field has its challenges, but Maybi says her work ethic goes beyond gender. “I always try to do my best, and I don’t need to be told twice that what needs to be done isn’t being done,” she says.

Her sentiment stays the same when speaking about other women in the industry. “Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do it,” she says. “If you think you can, and you put your mind to it, it can be done.”