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Women in Utility Spotlight: Marissa Buskard

Meet Marissa Buskard

After graduating with a degree in natural resource management in winter 2016, Marissa found out about Davey from friends who were already working with the company. Fresh out of college, she started her career with Davey Resource Group in the early spring of 2017.

Marissa started by performing utility pole inventories with the Asset Management division. Now she verifies and audits that information, gathered by other team members, before sending it to their client. She says her new position came after making the case to her leadership. “I felt the need for this type of position and they agreed,” she says. “Now there’s about four or five people in my position.”

For Marissa, delivering quality data “makes [her] feel like [she’s] done something good.” While the general public may not understand the fieldwork she supervises, she says, “what we’re doing is important … If your power goes out, it will be restored much faster with this information than without it.”

After 3 years of working for DRG, Marissa says she has developed a different understanding and appreciation of her job. In general, she says, there may have been more difficult moments to face as a woman, but her love of the work outweighed any challenges.

“If it’s something you’re passionate about, then be strong and find the enjoyment in it,” she says.