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Women in Utility Spotlight: Erica Zellmann

Meet Erica Zellmann

Since she joined Davey in 2015, Erica has often been seen as a source of support, whether that be from women colleagues, clients, or her own team. She started her career at Davey in the Central Coast Division for the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) account. From there, she was promoted to project manager, then account manager in August 2019 after overseeing Davey’s takeover of the South Bay and Peninsula accounts of PG&E’s territory.

As an account manager, Erica supports project managers throughout her territory with client requests, field safety compliance, employee engagement, and client relationship management. She works with four other account managers who oversee a total of 90 teams across their service territories.

Erica’s interest in arboriculture was piqued in college while studying biology, physical sciences, and math. She gravitated toward environmental science classes and ultimately became interested in urban forestry. Being hired to Davey’s utility vegetation management division, Erica found a whole new industry where she could apply her forestry expertise.

With utility being such a male-dominated field, Erica finds it important to make her voice heard. She is passionate about striking the proper tone to support and uplift women in the industry and participates in an internal Women in Vegetation group that provides resources and community to women working in this field.

Erica says that setting an example, providing support when needed, and being an open ear for fellow employees is what makes her excited for work each day. She encourages other women to join the ranks in this rewarding career path. “Stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone get in your way or get you down,” she says.