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Women in Utility Spotlight: Caitlin Gilbert

Meet Caitlin Gilbert

Fresh out of college, Caitlin started her career at Davey through an asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication project in Cincinnati. After working on a few other short-term field projects around the country, she was interested in a new challenge and wanted to continue her career with Davey. She learned of an opportunity on a pole inventory project in Florida and quickly received a crash course in the utility industry. Her diligence was rewarded and she was promoted to the quality assurance team within 6 months.

Throughout her time at Davey, Caitlin has consistently risen to the challenge of learning new aspects of the business and remains on the forefront of emerging technology. When she was approached about learning another piece of innovative technology, Katapult, she was eager to accept the opportunity.

After working with Katapult for 4 months, Caitlin now heads the field teams that use the technology. “The group often refers to me as the leading expert on Katapult [at Davey]," she says. “I was able to pick it up very quickly and use it effectively.”

Caitlin is a helper at heart. She gets satisfaction from seeing her work help others, for instance after a major storm event. “When you’re in a situation where you see all the people without power, and get it restored through the work you do, you know you’ve made a difference,” she says.

Caitlin has also made a difference by pushing her crews to produce accurate, high-quality data. “I am confident in my knowledge of the technology and process, and I know how to do it right,” she says. “I fully subscribe to [founder John Davey’s mantra] ‘do it right or not at all’ … Once someone sees that from me, there’s a moment of, ‘Oh my gosh, she does know what she’s doing. She is the boss.’”

For Caitlin, her desire to learn and the ability to share that knowledge helped her gain traction in this field. And for other women, she believes that “knowledge is power,” too. “If you have the knowledge and desire to be here, you can do it. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it because you’re a girl.”